Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Within Reach

Dear readers,

Do you know what I love about the internet? Aside from being able to watch as many episodes of Bones, CSI : NY, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and the such?
Actually being able to talk to all those friends you've made and have geographically lost because of university, or parents etc.
And, because many of my friends are now scattered all over the globe, I take comfort from the fact that I can still talk to them, ask them about where they are and what they're doing, maybe even share some of my work with them. You shouldn't have to lose your friends just because you're far away.
And, today it made me significantly happy to talk to some of them.
And to a romance author who I've always looked up to.
I spoke to this author and received a kind and encouraging reply.
How else would I have been able to do so when I'm sat in a different continent to them?
So, the internet has today, made me ecstatic, and I think it's important for the writing process and living to keep yourself happy!

And, maybe this'll make you a little happy - 
[Note-this isn't my own image]


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