Thursday, May 17, 2012

Entry for Visual Dare 5 - Waiting

The challenge is to incorporate the given image into your work in progress OR use it in a 100 word flash fiction.
I chose the latter, mainly because I'm closing on the last chapter of my work in progress and this would throw me into disarray, I think.

Should you wish to participate, just click here for the lovely Angela's blog.

Image to use

My entry

There’s a haze in my life, like that around me, obscuring my thoughts and bleaching my sense.
All clear; hope, had clung comatose in a faultless once ‘love.’
I drop the umbrella and the water breaks and ripples in protest.  Splashes touch my face but I feel nothing.
How long since I last felt something? Since something could whisper a little emotion into this abandoned heart?
I am already drizzled wet when I kneel down and meet my weathered self. His hair is matted to his scalp and his eyes are a shamed lead.
As if repentance could resurrect.

100 words

Have to say, I'm really loving Flash Fiction, it's a pretty great way to make friends and to practice your writing in a fun way (unlike reading the dictionary, for example)


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