Thursday, May 24, 2012

ThursThreads Challenge - Week 24

First time entering this challenge so I guess we'll see how it goes.
Contest details are here.

Judge's Prompt
"The whir of wings broke the silence."

My Entry

She sucked in another wheezing breath and her whole frame shook with a bout of coughing. She shut her eyes, now more breathless than before.
Everything was growing harder.
She rubbed her chest, trying to alleviate the thick pain in her chest but her touch felt obtrusive and rough. Nothing like his, with their power to ease her deepest aches and frets.
The sun shone warmth down on them all and the children played, the elderly chatted and she . . . she was untouched by it and wrapped the woolen shawl even tighter around herself.
However many palpable pains she suffered, she did not mind.
All would come soon enough.
She shaded her eyes and tipped her head a little higher.
“I . . .” she gasped and covered her mouth in disbelief.
The whir of wings broke the silence. Their beating slowed and brought him in his beautiful form lower, hovering at her level.
She reached a hand towards him but did not touch him. She didn’t dare as she spoke. “You’re here.”
“I told you not to do this,” he said, his voice like a whisp of air.
“I had to,” she whispered.
He was hurt, but his eyes met hers and he took her hand in a moment of sweet remembrance.
And the world, it was swept into iridescence.

223 words


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