Sunday, May 27, 2012

Faerytaleish Pinterest Contest

Dear readers,
The delightful fairy queen, Anna, is hosting yet another contest here that I can't deny myself.
We choose a picture from a beautiful Pinterest gallery and write upto 300 words inspired by it.
As much as I love the idea, picking an image from over 500 is no easy task!
Oh, but I managed. Barely!
Chosen Image

The Lost Prince of Tolstice

“Who stands there?” called a stern voice.
She started, about to flee, but the door swung open and an arm grabbed her wrist.
“Your name, Miss?”
Manacled, she ventured a look back at the man swallowed in midnight, perceiving only a pair of flinted silver eyes.
She swallowed. “Serena.”
He pulled and seemed to inspect her. “Mortal.” He decided, not impressed. “From the prisons?”
“Yes,” she croaked.
He sighed and released. “Come in. It’s unsafe here.”
She glanced around, considering her meager options. Curling her hands into ready fists, she accepted, abandoning the cold night for the warmth of his abode.
He turned, bolting the door and one of his purple latticed wings, shriveled at the rims like burnt parchment, delicately faltered.
“You’re Aris,” she gasped, “the lost prince of Tolstice.”
It was unmistakable. Here was the fabled prince who, born on the wrong side of the tree had been relinquished in childhood. With roots of half-fairy, half human, his sullied blood had endowed him a feeble wing, for magic of a fairy could not flourish in mortal cells.
Her heart felt for him; abandoned by family, spurned by nature.
He strode forward. In lantern light his black hair shone with brilliance, his chiseled face bespoke hardness.
“Don’t call me that,” he clipped.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered.
His eyes flitted over her and he nodded, accepting. “Do …?”
He froze. Voices sounded outside and with a beat of his wings, all light was extinguished.
Proof of life shuttered.
Darkness folded over them, and she shook with fear of discovery as the cadre of Stymphalian birds screeched nearby.
He drew her close in protective arms “we’ll be fine,” and pressed his lips to her forehead, sealing the promise.
The murmurs faded. The footsteps furthered.
And hope unraveled in forgotten hearts.

300 words

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  1. Like that a lot, intrigued, want to know more!

  2. His wing might be feebler but he seems to be quite a self-assured and gallant type of human-fairy hybrid! Wonder what happens next.

    1. Ah, well Sif, the rest of him more than makes up for it! ;)

  3. The beginning of a beguiling love story, I really loved this! Terrific characters.

  4. You manage to get so much information and description into such a small amount of words, really pulls me in and makes me want to know more!

    1. The hardest part for me, Lisa, is getting that all in. Happy that it worked well!

  5. Like everyone else, I want to know more. I'm hooked!

  6. How romantic! Thank you for entering, Afsaneh.

    1. Had I choice, Anna? It's a fabulous contest!

  7. Lovely, and to play the echo, more please.

  8. Novel now please. I could really get to like him.

    1. Oh, why of course! I'll add it to the queue of the other 6 novels I've yet to complete! Sounds easy ;)

  9. An interesting pair of characters.

  10. WONDERFUL! A beautifully intriguing romance - like Ruth's Nuada, I want to read more about this hero!

    1. People seem to like this hero . . . his character may need a bit of an extended project.


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