Friday, May 18, 2012

Entry For 55 Word Challenge - Week 9

The link to this fabulous contest is here.

And, MEGA surprise, I was an Honorable Mention! 
Thank you to the Judge, Jeffrey Hollar (@Klingorengi)
Chosen Photo Prompt

I had no choice, out of the three photo prompts, this one was one for which I could see a story come alive. Plus, I'm one for love and all!

My entry
Unrepentant as always, she pressed herself into his arms and murmured a careless apology. The wreath of flowers cloaked his sanity with false sweetness but he knew it.
It wasn’t right that he could forget her lies. It wasn’t right that he loved her.
But how could he walk away now?
When he loved her.

55 words



  1. Indeed, how could he! Wonderfully written. :)

  2. Honestly, I wasn't too happy with this one, but thank you nevertheless!


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