Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tuesday Tales 39

Contest held by Glitter Word
Results are here.

Update - I won a runner up Honourable Mention, how sweet of the judge, Daniel Swensen.

I took a little break from my novel work to enter this week's Tuesday Tales challenge, because really, how could I resist?
One of the best things, aside from getting to read lot of interesting snippets of gold from fellow bloggers is being forced to use a word as creatively as possible. It couldn't hurt to do that more often.
This Week's Word - Equivocate

Image To Be Included -

Don't Be This
The smoke flitted in the air like butterflies.
She used to be a butterfly; beautiful and alive.
But she’d had to run away from the system even though it’d been self-defence. No one took kindly to murder however young the killer.
And it was painful, because she shouldn’t have had to be this crushed woman clad in tight red selling herself to survive in a darkened world. She should’ve been helping children like the doctor she’d dreamt of becoming.
She uncrossed her legs, leaned forward and the girl’s voice trembled into a whisper, finally free of hardened equivocation.
“You promise?”

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