Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tales 40

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An Angel and A Gargoyle

He adjusted the rear-view mirror and sat behind him, she stared at her hands as they trembled a mocking glitter upon her wedding ring. Her hair fell over her face and hid her eyes but he knew how carefully unblinking they were.
His three thumbs tightened into white on the wheel, strangling his peace of mind. He imagined her hand on his every night; the innocent touch of her silken skin healing his lonely heart.
And, he fell in love every night, in darkly deformed solitude.
In hindsight, he’d blamed his ugliness for not fighting for her, thinking an angel and a gargoyle could never be.
But support he could be, as the angel poured her tears into silent heartache.
They came to a halt and she looked reluctant to move as he pulled open the door. But forced herself out, as she had the last few times, walking back into a gilded lie.
He helped her up, eyes so pained they couldn’t meet hers and knowing on every withering plateau that one more goodbye would tear his soul. He sat her suitcase by her feet and willed himself to let go as she looked down at it.
The briefest, the most fleeting of smiles touched her lips as she stroked his hand like it were a flower petal, soft and delicate. Ridiculous, as that was what she was.
And how, he asked himself, could he leave her to him again?
Startled, her eyes flew up to his. He’d thrown the suitcase to the ground and nearing her with just one step, held her with all his turmoiled self.
“Stay, Susan…” he said, his voice a desperate plea.
Her breath slowed and she relaxed into him, the distance between them dissolving in his finally-worded confession.
“Daniel…” she whispered into him.

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