Friday, August 31, 2012

Once In A Blue Moon

This little piece is dedicated to my lovely friend, Sophie Moss. She's a pinch of pure magic in my life and I'm so happy for her because has a new release today; The Selkie Enchantress.
You can find her book HERE and HERE.
And you can find here HERE and HERE.
Because what's life without fairytales? Or, Irish fairytales, to be exact?

 Once In A Blue Moon

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She tipped her head back, resting it against the tree bark. Moonlight cast a glow about her face.
Her eyes were closed when she puckered her lips to one side, then the other. A grin broke across her face in an instant and she drew her knees to her chest as a makeshift table, beginning a furious scribble across a sheet of paper she’d kept.
As soon as she was done and her hand left the white plane, the wind tore it from her lap.
And it spiralled,
Against his face.
Because really, how could it have missed him (!)
He pulled the plastered sheet back;

If there were ever a love as true as mine,
Would I know it?
If this age was not of fearful hearts,
Would I be shown it?

Crushed in his hand and against the breeze, he held it out to her when she approached him.
And then he changed his mind.
. . . He wished he’d changed it again.
As soon as he’d opened his mouth, actually.
“If one did claim a love, profess aloud,   
Would you wish for one mute?
Or one to speak in soul, in touch, and treasure. . .”
He puffed out a breath and lost his voice.
Who was he kidding?
 Christ, he was no poet!
A little smile touched her face as if to show she knew. Which, from his appalling effort, wasn’t an incredibly hard thing to discern.
“Which one would suit?” she suggested.  
His shoulders relaxed. His entire being did. “Which one would suit.”
He took her hand with his free one and she easily came into his arms.
He enveloped her close, poetry still in hand. “Tell me something.”
“Hmm . . . the flowers behind you are daisies?” she offered.
“Alright, tell me another something; if I was to propose, would I need to do so in rhyme?”
She laughed and it warmed his chest. “Heavens! I would never be so cruel as to torture you so!” she exclaimed.
“I know you wouldn’t. An angel like you, Sophie, comes but every once in a blue moon.”


  1. Nice post.. Ireland is full of heroic and romantic legends,and Sophie brings it to life brilliantly..

  2. Love, love, love this - a fitting tribute to the Selkie Queen!

  3. I love this so much, Afsaneh. I'm so touched that you would write it. :) :) You made me tear up! But in a good way. :) Thank you. I feel so blessed to have met you. :) I will say a special blessing tonight to the moon so all your Blue Moon wishes come true.

  4. Beautiful! I need to read Sophie's books!

  5. This is so playful and beautiful!! :)


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