Monday, August 27, 2012

Blog Flash 2012: Day 27

This is the twenty-seventh entry out of the thirty I'm attempting. It is part of a series of thirty entries so I hope you'll read each daily post to find out what happens in the end.
Thank you for reading!
27. History

“Why are you here?”
“Simply reminding you of an outstanding —” her gaze darted away. “Where did you get that?”
“I’m sorry, how rude of me,” he drawled. “Care for a sandwich?”
She shoved past him and picked up the ribbon-tied container with trembling fingers. “Where?”
“A kind, old lady.”
 A little smile of recognition touched her face.
Something struck him. A familiarity suddenly unravelled, a very recent history her unexpected joy brought to him.
“Emily,” he mused.
“Why did you leave?”
“Whatever do you mean?”
“I’m no fool, Ms Charleston. I believe our roles have been reversed.”


  1. Ohhhh. I love this... its my first time visiting and oh... love the energy that leaps from your words.


    Here is my Blog Flash #27

  2. I love the tension between them and the gentle intimacy. As much as I'd love to prolong #BlogFlash2012, I'm definitely interested to see if they get their happy ending!


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