Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blog Flash 2012: Day 17

This is the seventeenth entry out of the thirty I'm attempting.  It is part of a series of thirty entries so I hope you'll read each daily post to find out what happens in the end.
Thank you for reading!
17. Graveyard

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“I’ve told you once. No, actually twice, that you’re mistaken!”
A slow, condescending smile spread on her face. “Must you play me for a fool, Mr Hurst?”
“I’m growing tired of this, Miss Charleston. Do you plan on leaving this baseless matter?” he replied impatiently.
“That all depends on whether you’d like the ton to know of the ‘friendly’ attachment you have with Miss Sheffield.”
He stilled. Nothing moved save the tree branches in the surrounding graveyard. He’d passed gravestones coming here, pretending not to see the ivy-wrapped one of her late husband.
“Miss Sheffield, of all women?” he scoffed.

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  1. I love the tone of your writing Afsaneh, you really know your stuff!


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