Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Blog Flash: Day 11

This is the eleventh entry out of the thirty I'm attempting. It is part of a series of thirty entries so I hope you'll read each daily post to find out what happens in the end.
Thank you for reading! 
11. Greed

“Of escorting a stranded lady home? Immensely.”
“I was hardly stranded.”
“Please,” he scoffed. “I saw Langston’s efforts – they likely worsened his precious carriage’s condition.”
“And you could do a far better job?”
 “If not, I’d carry you.”
He didn’t finish the sentence. He didn’t say he’d carry her home, to his bed, to anywhere she wanted, but her dress pinched at the knees as if she was compressing herself to a speck. As if she could see how painfully hard it was to restrain his greed for her.
The remnant thoughts left his voice husky. “Did that bother you?”


  1. Great scott, where is a fan?! Lovely developments!

  2. Ohhh, so sorry but the fans have been removed for maximum swoonage ;)


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