Friday, August 31, 2012

Blog Flash 2012 - Day 31 - Bonus Entry

I know Blog Flash 2012 is over, BUT, there's one day left and then August is done with for this year.
So, I've done a bonus entry for any of you readers out there who enjoyed my little series.
I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it!

Day 31 - Bonus Entry


The wedding was held on a Sunday afternoon.
A sunny Sunday afternoon.
It seemed fitting, that.
St James’ cathedral was brimming with all sorts of guest, some more happy than others with the union taking place. But that had been expected, and when one near-hysterical lady took a stand during the ceremony to claim that the couple looked too happy for this to be true attachment, you’ll be glad to know that, she was immediately escorted off the premises.
As I said before, reader, that sort of debacle had been expected.
Graham was resplendent in a regal black and white, Alisa was every bit a vision in embroidered silk, and both wore the most beautiful thing of all; a smile of pure joy.
Few things could be as touching as the devotion they showed on this day.
The final words were spoken in absolute reverence and the new wife of Mr Hurst was swept off her feet (literally) and carried to a flower-strewn carriage.
Mr Graham Hurst and Mrs Alisa Hurst.
Alisa’s insides practically fluttered at the thought, but she loved him for this strange feeling she still was unaccustomed to. She imagined there were a lot of things he would introduce her to.
And she couldn’t wait for it all.
For the happy life she knew they'd share together.
He draped an arm over her. “Are you looking forward to our honeymoon?”
“I’m looking forward to the rest of our lives,” she said with a content sigh.
“Good answer, Mrs Hurst.”
He’d never thought he’d ever be in love. Never thought he’d marry unless he’d been threatened with a pistol.
But, he supposed life was funny like that.
Amazing even.
Speaking of amazing . . . his gaze wandered over the curves of his finally-bride.
“Of course, the honeymoon has technically begun already. . .”
A sly grin spread across her face as she looked up at him. “Do you know, I cannot believe you managed to wait until our wedding day?”
He didn't either. He only knew that she was the only love of his life and if he was going to marry her, then by God, he was going to do it right.
However hard the task proved on his health.
“I’d wait forever for you, my dear,” he said with a loving kiss.
And, readers, the honeymoon began. . .


  1. WONDERFUL!!! You wrapped up the threads, gave us scads of romance and splashes of humor!!! Oh, I am going to miss these two! May their honeymoon phase never wear off!! :)


  2. This makes me so happy! You place them together so perfectly Afsaneh! Gorgeous!

  3. Thank you, my most loyal readers :)
    I might need to revisit these two in future flashes.


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