Saturday, June 23, 2012

Visual Dare #10 - Peeking

Visual Dare details are on the lovely Angela's blog, here.
You should join in - just use the image prompt for a little flash fiction or work-in-progress inspiration!

Image Prompt

My Entry

Two little faces pressed into glass, long yearning breaths clouding the windowed world.
On the table inside was a basket of village berries, a plate of biscuits and in the middle, a cake holding a candle.
The mother lit the wick. There was orange and yellow.
And a little blue, a shaken sliver.
The daughter’s eager gaze fell on the flame.
The girl outside puckered her lips. Her eyelids dropped and for a moment, just one sparkling moment, there was a dream.
The girl outside leaned on her brother’s shoulder. “Thank you.”
He held her closer. “Happy birthday, sister.”

100 words



  1. Gorgeous piece, really beings them alive - and intriguing :)

  2. Beautifully done - sparse yet fitting imagery, and mysterious too! So much more I'd like to know about the interior tableau, as well as the two looking in. Well done - and thanks for participating!

  3. A moment from 'The Little Match Girl' came to beautiful that they appreciated the moment together!

  4. Oh, this is so lovely! I've read it three times and it's such a terrific concept and beautifully told!! <3

  5. A beautiful concept and story. Can feel the yearning and the also the joy that the brother's thought has brought to his sister. Lovely!


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