Saturday, June 9, 2012

Heaven Help Him

This is my entry for the Forbidden Love Blog Hop held on the beautiful Ruth Long's blog.
Should you wish to enter (and you should), the details of the contest are here.

 My Entry 

Sebastian touched the tender back of his head and swallowed prayers as his fingers found the swell of flesh-embedded shrapnel.
He’d been branded the lucky one; the only of his friends to survive Waterloo.
But Marcus had been so close. He’d almost come back with him. He’d held the pain, each excruciating second that promised return, but breath had fallen and under a sky of gunfire, he'd entrusted Sebastian with his sister’s safety.
The sister, Sara, walked towards him dressed for the evening ball, her gown embracing her kindly. He turned at the sight.
 Soon she’d walk down a different path, white over skin and smile on her face as she pledged herself to another.
And if he still was, he’d give her away.
Hand all which he coveted to another.
Lucky, indeed.
That the rakehell had fallen in love when his time was knelling to a close.
“Sebastian, why don’t you marry me?”
 “Don’t be ridiculous.”
“It isn’t ridiculous.” The distance shrank between them. “I need a husband and you need a wife. Marry me, Sebastian.”
His hand curled in a fist. “Do you know what you’re saying?”
“Yes. I love you,” she said softly.
Heaven help him.
Her hands sat on his shoulders and he stilled, his mind flickering warnings, his blood burning veins.
She leaned in, and to kiss her was a dream unlike others. Pure, chaste Sara in his arms could absolve the sins he had lived. She poured light over his soul and struck hope in his barren heart.
But she deserved more than his truncated life.
“No!” he tore out, pushing her back.
“Sebastian?” her voice broke in question.
“Leave, Sara. Now!” he thundered.
Her lips settled, disheartened. “I thought you loved me too.”
Sebastian quelled the urge to confess. “Well, you were wrong.”

300 words



  1. Ooooooooo so sad and so evocative ... Ms A would be proud of you

    1. Do you think so? I'm just glad it made you feel something.

  2. Oh no so sad! I thought she was going to convert the rake. You have a lovely turn of phrase Miss Afsaneh... "and swallowed prayers" - I loved that. I do love a historical romance and you write it so well.

    1. She already has converted him, that's why he's determined not to do wrong by her.
      Thank you Meg, it's always a compliment when you comment.

  3. Aw, so sad! Wonderfully written and touching! :)

  4. Nice work! A lovely scene with such a sad (well written) ending. Really swept along with the story :)

  5. So sad, but courageous too...such a sacrifice, enjoyed it Afsaneh!

  6. Such a heartbreaking story so beautifully written! Thank you for entering :)

  7. Oh Afsaneh, this is so lovely and sad and filled with wonderful phrases. I particularly loved: "a sky of gunfire" and "her gown embracing her kindly" and "hand all which he coveted to another." And a rakehell who honors his word to a friend and does right by the woman he loves is a hero I want to read more about!! :)

    So happy you joined the hop!! xo

  8. its like you never knew a wave just slashed and ebbed under your feet, only sign is the wet feet. And you are only happy for that. Only the wave here is love,pain. Another one i'm going to evernote.

  9. ooh its like a tantalising excerpt that makes you get the book

  10. Hi! I just loved the phrase below.

    "Pure, chaste Sara in his arms could absolve the sins he had lived. She poured light over his soul and struck hope in his barren heart."

    Your descriptions are wonderful. Nice job.

  11. So romantic and so heartbreaking! There were some stunning lines in here - "her gown embracing her kindly", "She poured light over his soul and struck hope in his barren heart" - just divine!


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