Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Tales 43

Details of the contest are here.
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Would you believe I won an Honourable Mention? Many thanks to the talented judge, Miranda (PurpleQueenNL)

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Secret Word


My Entry

A Promise

She looked crazy, shoes and bag in hand as she paced the pavement.
But it was a promise, and she always kept her promises. Even if they were made years ago.
Her heart thudded lower and she squinted to see the approaching figure.
A man, jacket roofing his head.
There was familiarity in the way they looked at each other, a concoction of memories that stole them into the past again.
“You’re early,” she smiled.
“So are you,” he returned.
I couldn’t wait, they thought.
With the canopy over their heads they walked down the street in perfect past continued.

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