Wednesday, January 2, 2013

12 Days Blog Hop: Snow

Dear readers,

I've been away for a while, sorry!


I'm late

I'm so very late to the party. 

Forgive me?

I didn't want to miss Stacy Bennett-Hoyt's (@rowanwolf66) 12 Days of Christmas blog hop.
If you know her, you'll understand this.

So, 12 Days, 12 Stories, each 200-300 words.  

The contest theme is gifts today's prompt is:


The midnight driveway was a ribbon of moonlight, the snow was without a dip or scratch, and the closest sign of life he could spot was the gargoyle perched on the slant above the door.
With its teeth bared and wings outstretched, the mere sight of it induced more of a shudder in him than the sudden onslaught of icy wind did.
Or maybe it was more the recollection of it from the winters he had spent here. His parents rarely had the means to send him for him from school so he had spent the occasional holiday here with his removed uncle, minding he never stared at the statue for too long at once lest it were to decide it didn't like the look of him.
Only now he could not deny that he was no longer twelve, he was not visiting from school, and his uncle no longer remained. The only constant amidst this bundle of realities was the stance of the manor, eerie as ever.
Not convenient, that.
Far from it. And being dubbed as the new owner of it was just the same when he wasn’t ready to be the master of any domain.
He left the warmth of his carriage and trudged up to the door.
With his tan breeches already made dark and damp, he shivered and retrieved the heavy key from his pocket.
Lord, what was going to be inside?

237 words



  1. Gave me the shivers...which it undoubtedly did to him too! Glad to see you back for a bit!

  2. So glad you came to the party, Afsaneh! So creepy. This is great personification for the gargoyle: "minding he never stared at the statue for too long at once lest it were to decide it didn't like the look of him." Love it!

  3. I like it! It's got a "Fall of the House of Usher"-esque quality to it. I want to know what's inside that house...

  4. You paint an ominous picture of the house here and I like the hero's voice. He seems thoughtful and reflective.


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