Thursday, January 3, 2013

12 Days Blog Hop: Love

Dear readers,

It's day 2 for me and I still have a couple more entries I should really get to today. I'm compromising quality here, readers. Sorry!
The prompt is:

 “You’ll love it in no time.”
His mother had said that in the letter, in the same one where she had told him this was all his.
Oh, but if she was here now she might have doubted it the way he did.
The estate had been a knotted bundle since his uncle’s passing weeks ago but there he saw the estate had been neglected long before his decline. If he was to leave the curtains, it was barely more than an ornate cavern with its deep red curtains and Persian carpets, all the interiors oddly out of touch with their beauty.
He looked through the leather-bound volumes in the study, collecting duct on the pad of his thumb as he did so.
It was just nothing like the cottage he’d passed his modest childhood in before being plucked away for his education. It was not a matter to complain over though; he was wiser now, with friends and connections now, and he had the means to support his struggling parents.
Maybe they would like it here more than him, he idly thought.
He stopped and picked up the list of new employees the housekeeper had left on the study desk.

201 words



  1. You set wonderful tone with your language. I'm eager to see where this all leads. Delightful prose.

  2. Yes, I'm eager to know what lies within the house...happiness or sadness?

  3. I love stories about old houses that take on a character of their own. I'm ready to see what happens next!

  4. You've captured a fascinating moment - a sort of tranquility before the path forks. I'm interesting to see where his inheritance will take him.


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