Saturday, January 5, 2013

12 Days Blog Hop: Rebirth

Dear readers,

It's day 4 and can I just say, readers, that I have done no planning for this blog hop. I don't actually know what is going to happen to/between my characters yet. Won't it be fun for us both to find out together? Get a little bit confused together?
Ah, well I suppose we'll see.
It could just turn out to be a mess.

The prompt is:

"I apologise for my ...untimely arrival, Mr Wilding."
He probably should have been paying attention to her, after all, she did look genuinely sorry, but her thin arms were pressed so deeply into the sides of her dress one would have thought she was trying to compress just for the sake of hiding.
“I assume” - he sounded distracted, his gaze still attached to her arms - “you’ve already been questioned by my very vigilant housekeeper?
“I have, yes Mr Wilding.”
“Do you object to an additional question from a potential employer?”
“Not at all, Mr Wilding” emerged with an almost-smile.
Oh, he really didn’t like that. It was tight and aberrant and the only time he’d seen the sort was when his mother was lying to him. Always for his own good, but still, lying always set him at unease.
“Why are you here?”
Because he knew if he asked anything otherwise, she would lie. Lie through her pearly white teeth.
“For employment, if you would allow it, Mr Wilding.”
Not that he had been expecting anything different.
She looked braced, ready to accept rejection as if she was used to the notion and he couldn’t quite bring himself to drill her vague statement for any truth.
Instead, he stood. It hadn’t been a sudden move but she was still taken aback by it.
More so when he neared her, saw the mess that her brown hair was and the prominence of those shaky blue eyes.
He was decided.
“You begin tomorrow. Mrs Parks will find something befitting your skills.”
“Thank you, Mr Wilding,” she said belatedly, her breath reborn and escaping in a relieved little gust.

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  1. Intriguing, and even more so since you don't know where it's going either! x

  2. You don't know where it's going but it HAS to go somewhere. She is too much of mystery not to explore further!


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