Tuesday, July 3, 2012

TuesdayTales 47

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Update - This post won an Honourable Mention. Thank you to the judge, Charles W Jones (@ChuchWesJ)
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“How long has it been, Maggie?”
“How did you find me, Samuel?” she stammered, backing away.
“It wasn’t easy but the ferryman spoke,” he said cryptically, and he caught her with a steel grip. His jaw clenched and swarthy skin tautened over his chiselled face.
Memories burned her consciousness, of distant trysts. Of mistakes.
“Maggie!” Harry’s voice called from inside.
Samuel yanked and spun her against his chest, cinching her close.
“Don’t move,” he warned, stroking a silver blade along her throat. “I told you. You can’t outrun my love.”
“Love? it was an affair; dishabille and meaningless,” she spat.

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