Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tuesday Tales 49

Contest details can be found here.
Normally I would pounce on the Tuesday Tales prompt with something sappy and romantic but that part of my brain was a little bit dead today - over stimulation, perhaps?
Well, I settled for something that borders on it . . . a little.
I hope you enjoy my entry!
Secret Word


He swallowed the dry ache in his throat as she tossed petals in the air. Her neck lengthened and her bosom heaved against red silk. He cursed how unnecessarily large her dress was, hiding her voluptuous frame like a bed-sheet.
Now if it’d been his bed-sheet, it could’ve been forgivable.
She faced him with a sultry smile and crawled closer. “That’s enough waiting. Can we canoodle now?”
He blinked back his confusion and his gaze dropped to his lap.
She saw his answer and pushed him to the ground, hovering over him before her lips finally descended in exquisite passion.

100 words



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