Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Let me tell you . . .

Dear readers,
(Or perhaps reader - I don't know how many people will be perusing my blog, after all)
I've never had a blog before and I'm not even sure how to start one but I have and I think that'll help me connect with people.
You can never have too many friends, right?
So let me just introduce myself briefly in a few bullet points;
  • My name's Afsaneh
  • I have what people describe as a 'weird sense of humour'
  • My literary idol is Jane Austen
  • I'm slightly obsessive with any task at hand
  • Few things are as thrilling to me as writing something that feels perfect
 I'm currently trying my absolute hardest on the redraft of a regency novel.
I wish I knew how long this sort of thing should normally take but it differs for everyone, I would think.
Anyway, I'm sure there are a lot of people in the same spot as I, sitting in front of a laptop or a notebook trying so desperately to force out . . . or maybe force isn't the right word. . . well trying to create the next chapter of their novel.
If so, do drop me a comment!
Maybe I'll find my sanity returning. Maybe you will.



  1. It does feel like 'force' some of the time. Others it feels like 'allow'. It all seems to burst out on its own! Nice to meet you :)

    1. It's relieving to know that it's not just me!
      Great to meet you too, Jemi :)

  2. Hi Afsaneh - thanks for your comment on my blog! I redrafted my first about (no joke) 12 times and then decided it was DONE. I took a break and started on the sequel.

    Crucial difference between book 1 and book 2. Book 1 I shared too early. I got too much feedback when I was too unsure of myself. I changed stuff I wasn't sure about changing and rewrote until I was cross-eyed.

    In the mean time I did lots and lots of flash fiction, which has helped ENORMOUSLY in me finding my writing style and voice.

    Book 2 I barely shared at all. I wrote "with the door closed" and shared snippets with my critique partner. I finished it and have just entered first 2 chapters into a contest and given a copy to my critique partner to read. I know already that it is way, way better than book 1. It's so much more authentic.

    Now I've finished it, I'm having a break and not looking at it for at least six weeks. I'll see what my crit partner has to say and then I'll look at it again, edit and revise.

    In the mean time I'm straight onto a new project - so that when I get back to it, I'm seeing it with a new pair of eyes. I also find it really useful to read it on my kindle - it's like reading it as a reader, not as something you've written.

    And then... I'm rewriting book 1 again. Using the method I used for book 2 (with the door SHUT).

    1. I followed you - seems like we'd have a lot in common!

      I'm currently on the stage of redrafting my Book 1 and the fact that you've done 12 drafts is quite admirable! I don't know if I'd be able to do that.
      Did it take you very long to finish?
      I'm currently at 76,000 words on my Book 1 so I'm getting there. Slow and steady as they say.

      I do have Book 2 already plotted out though and it's still only a partial draft for when I need a change.
      (And a few other drafts actually!)

      Out of your methods, I'm a firm follower of the DOOR SHUT way. I wouldn't want someone to read something I wasn't sure about. And, I'm not the most open with my creative works, admittedly.

      What exactly is a critique partner? Are they professionals or friends?

      Thanks for sharing!


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